Everything Happens in a Picnic, vol.1: BIRTH

20th April, 2014


by Han River, Seoul

Everything happens in a Picnic is an outdoor performance event which happens precisely in the format of a picnic –we go to a park, choose a nice spot, wait for the late comers, get bored of waiting for them, open a bottle, drink, open a basket, eat sandwiches, open a plastic bags you grabbed from a corner shop, eat the unhealthiest snacks, start Frisbee and badminton, notice the text message from the late comers who has got lost totally and hopelessly, some strangers come and ask where their dog is gone, someone starts to play the guitar, people sings to the guitar but nobody remembers the lyrics of the song properly, but nobody cares about it, some people gets bitten by a mosquito and scratch all the parts of their bodies restlessly, someone spills an amount of beer on the picnic mat and make a pool of beer on it and someone unaware sits down on it and scream, a dog barks to it, a couple kiss while their bikes are being stolen, the sun is setting and the temperature goes down and we go home. Everything Happens in a Picnic, is a picnic-specific performance event in which each individual performer will be installed in a section of the picnic events to show the picnic-specific performances. The performances will be very small-scaled The first picnic will take place by Han River in Seoul in collaboration with Eric Scot Nelson, the curator of FLOW –the annual performance event in Seoul, celebrating Eric’s birthday on the 21st of April. Therefore, the performances should be about BIRTH, DAY, AGEING or the combination of them, in the physical and temporal structure of a picnic by the River Han. Audience will join the picnic in whenever-they-can basis with a bottle or food, and can leave in the same way. The duration of the pieces will depend on the artists but the picnic itself will be in the afternoon, only while the picnickers can have the nice sun and heat. In case of rain, the picnic will still happen but the duration and location will be occasionally changed.