In 1969, Vito Acconci made the photo piece Blinks which Acconci walked down

Greenwich Street in NYC with a camera, following these instructions:

‘Holding a camera, aimed away from me and ready to shoot,

while walking a continuous line down a city street.

Try not to blink.

Each time I blink: snap a photo’

Going Against Acconci (but “against” often concludes “for” in the end)

Referencing and responding to Blinks, I would like to make a photo document piece, Flashes which only exists at the flashes of moments in the live event.

1, A steward gives one audience member a digital camera and an audio player with earphones. All the

instructions are given through the audio guide.

2, I will be in a completely dark room. The audience comes in and takes photos of me with flash lights.

3, I dance my entire life in three minutes. The audience can see me performing only when they take the photographs with the flashes.

4, The audio guide leads the audience to the outside of the room. All the photos will be deleted by the audience him/herself and nothing will be left.