3.11.2011    Yoko Ishiguro


A massive earthquake attacked Tohoku, Japan. It caused the fatal Tsunami and the radioactive contamination from the nuclear power plants in Fukushima. I was alone in Fuji-copo when the earthquake occurred. Somehow, I was very calm and just feeling the floor shaking and my body shaking on it.

However, I had not felt like to create or make anything new for a while since then.


I came to think that I would like to see a kind of dynamism which occurs very slow and subtle, not like an earthquake but like, for example, aging.

We can see it in a very short scale.

Then it comes to be a massive and dramatic change.


A point does not have any space in itself so does not physically exist.

There is no such a thing as “a point” on the earth. It is just a concept or often means a black dot like this period.  ... . . . ........   .... .... . . . . . . .... .   .             . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  which is not a point really...

I imagined this model: points keep moving. they do not stay.

“Now”, “here”, “this” and “that” are all moving.

“Close”, “far”, “big”, “small”, “long”, “short“, “yes”, “no”, “good”, “bad”, “life”, “death”, “inside”, “outside”, “like”, “dislike”, “you”, “art”, “me”, “Kaprow”, “3”, “ear pick”, “armadillo” and “Fuji-copo102, 8-39-2, Higashi-ogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo” are moving and changing their distances in between.


“A point” and “the other point” generate a distance.

If the distance between two “points” on the earth get shorter or longer in a certain condition, it generates energy.

If the distance between a neutron and a proton get shorter or longer in a certain condition, it generates energy.

These occur in different time lengths and scales everywhere in the world.

Here, what matters will be the scale you adopt and the distance you take from the object.

I would stop writing here.