Living Fossils

The excavation of 2008 in 2008


Since I heard the concept of FKY 2008, “ The Past is New”, I have had one desire in my mind –juxtaposition of the past, the present and the future. My performance belongs to the International Program, but on the concept level, I would like to limit the geographical range but extend the time range instead. If we put “international” into horizontal, we can put “inter-chronological” into vertical. However, I think those two are very similar in terms of their placing the elements on the same level with others, although, of course, they are very different – we cannot have a mutual communication with ancestors who do not live right now.

I arrived at Yogyakarta on the 16th of June. Since then, I have visited various kinds of places such as Sangiran in order to research on the archaeological and anthropological matters. I have also talked with various kinds of people –I have to thank Yogya-ism, such a friendly nature- and sit down next to each other, ate together, discuss together, and in some cases, played with the kite together, communicated with strange Indonesian, strange English and weird body languages together, and laughed out together. Meanwhile, I have picked up tiny little pieces of “the pastness” and “the presentness” from the daily lives in here as the essence of the performance.

Therefore, this three-week stay itself is the art-making process for me. I would like to bring “the pastness” and “the presentness” which I believe I could barely excavate in the daily lives into the performance. And I hope I can draw some three dimensional pictures at the picturesque rice field at Nitiprayan distorting the time law.

photos by Arief Sukardono, Budi N. D. Dharmawan, Dwi Oblo

sound by Ayumi Hataki

reading by Verry Handayani & Tanya

in Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta Art Festival, Indonesia)

at the village, Nitiprayan from 16:30 to the sunset, July 4, 2008

At the rice field, before the sunset, Yoko Ishiguro dug up the daily items such as a kettle, a rice cocker, toys, cloths, a TV set while daily noises in Jogjakarta are coming up from the ground, from the buried speakers. It was an excavation of the life of ourselves.

Finally, she invited all the audience to “the site” to watch the video of the sunset view from that rice field while they see the actual sunset behind.

The Koran was broadcasted, which was the bell for the villagers to go home. The audience went home.

The performance finished.