from NRT to STK


at DISTANCE festival at Stoke Newington International Airport, performed at Narita International Airport in June 2010

Since an airport is the gate to fly a long distance away to the next destination, it is the place to restlessly imagine how long the flight takes, how the place will be like, from which point to which point on the globe we are flying and how far the place is. However, using telecommunication tools, ideally and theoretically, we do not have to depart or arrive. We do not have such a thing as distance and intervals on it. But in fact, I believe distance is a subjective idea as time or “real time”, “live”.

Is this performance a live performance?

Where am I supposed to be performing?

Yoko went to Narita International Airport (NRT, actual airport in Tokyo) to “fly” to and “perform live” at Stoke Newington International Airport (STK, performance space/bar in Hackeney, London) via Skype among all the passengers who were actually going to fly to London. She danced with the audience at the party at STK at night, being at NRT in the early morning.

photos by Hiroaki Tanada