OCCUPIED was created for the event, Body Lounge by 4th Skin Arts Network on 08,08,08, the day of the opening ceremony of Bijing Olympics.

Yoko wears panda suits and literally “occupies” the toilet bringing her daily stuffs from her home.

OCCUPIED           by Yoko Ishiguro

I attempt to perform “occupation”.

Occupation is and has been taking place everywhere on this planet. In a broad sense, a nation invades and occupies another territory, and in a narrow sense, a person occupies a toilet and excludes other people.

Why does it happen?

It may be because the place has something attractive which is impossible to share with others.

Why has it happened again and again?

It may be because our greed is often protected under the name of “freedom” or “natural law”.

Therefore, not only the occupation of toilets, but in fact, occupation in any sense is everlasting.

In order to examine occupation, I occupy toilets. Toilets are essential places for everyone, so my occupation can become very cruel but intimate.

The audience will be faced with their desire to plunder and occupy the toilet due to their desire to excrete.

**Why panda?

It was performed at the night on 08/08/08 exactly when the controversial opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic (“One World One Dream”) was held. I dreamt pandas occupied the whole world, saying “One World One Dream! One World One Dream!”. However, it would not last so long since their reproductive power is very weak (even they have porn videos to arise their sex desire -of course they are made by human beings- !). They will become extinct very soon.

at Body Lounge at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo,  photo by banana.co

at “from infinity to nothingness” at Kafee und Tee in Berlin

「使用中/被侵占」at OPEN International Performance Art Festival at 798 art zone, Beijing