by Yoko Ishiguro

with assistance of Marie Pilařová and Žaneta Jurzykowská

in August 2012

at Deepcamp residency programme in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Here is the heart of this coal mine.

Here is the heart of this body.

Here, I am installed.

During Deepcamp, the residency at the Hlubina coal mine which is the oldest and deepest coal mine in Ostrava, I kept knitting to make a sleeping bag (a heart) then I slept in it and tangled myself at the bottom of the central tower of the coal mine. The idea was fixed at the first night of the residency when I heard "Steel Heart of The Republic", a slogan to label Ostrava city as an industrial centre of the republic in the communist era. I, thus made a "heart", undressed, slept inside in order to bring the organisms and blood to the heart of the cold industrial coal mine. It also represented the social bonds around us including communities, countries, families etc., in which we are complexly tangled in but felt so safe and warm. The “heart” was also a womb or a cocoon. At the end of the one of the “cords” reached from the "womb", one small speaker was attached. It played the interviews that I had asked the people around the coal mine about their first memories they could remember.

(c) Deepcamp, Honza Baka, Žaneta Jurzykowská, Roman Petřiš, Marie Pilařová, Jiří Volejník